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Reduced to a Pile of Rubble Reduziert auf ein Trümmerhaufen

A very attractive pile of concrete rubble
मलबे के ढेर को कम
Attractive old concrete blocks waiting for their destiny to unfold

Concrete rubble with many interesting shapes and sizes

Chunks of cement neatly encased in a blue tarp?

The bush adds to the attractiveness of this rubble pile.  The long pieces are quite interesting.

The light reflection off this pile is stunning.  Very appealing and colorful.

Nice, unassuming little pile of broken up chunks of cement. Nice plant life nearby.

Woo, stacked up high!  The brick adds something to this pile.  Lots of tiny pieces here.  I think this adds something cool to the wall, makes it special.

The dry leaves add some fall color to this picture.  These chunks are rather irregular in shape.

Not a large pile but interesting none the less.  I've always thought old, weathered pallets nice looking also.  Like the patch of grass and the brick wall.

Nice stacking job!!  Impressive!

A bit washed out, perhaps over-saturated photo.  Lot of light gray.

In this pic, you can see the backside of the broken slab.  Not a lot here but yet cool.

Indoor pile of rubble.  Protected from the elements!!
Humble pile out in suburbia
I like this neat stack of so called rubble

Three steps to where?  Up, I'm sure, no, wait, could go down!
The snow frames this image nicely.  See the brick?  The brick is friend of the concrete.  All rubble and therefore sacred.  Is that a capitol "S"?

Some seriously large chunks in this photo.  Curiously rounded.

There seems to be a spirit in this pic in the form a shadow.  Looks like the spirit is holding or scratching its head.  This pile is on a lawn, wonder how the grass feels about that?

Nice square block of concrete right here.  Someone wants it hauled away pronto.

Stacked neatly indoors, seems to have pigment added.

OK, this is not concrete or cement rubble, it is slate.  It is looking for a new home.

Love this neatly stacked heap of concrete. Bit of a lean to the left, I'd keep kids, pets, and careless people away from the larboard side of this.


Tumpukan, tumpukan, gundukan, tumpukan puing. Begitu cantik, begitu agung!
아름다운 더미, 스택, 고분, 그리고 사랑스러운, 일반적인 파편 힙을.
Щебень: Курганы, сваи, кучи, холмы, массы, jumbles бетона и цемента. Простой и ясный. Прекрасный и возвышенный
Rubble: simple et pratique, des piles, des monticules, des collines, des tas et des tas de gravats de béton. Belle
الأنقاض : التلال، وأكوام، أكوام، مداخن، وتلال من الركام ملموسة. بارد ، والفنان
  Church of the Blue Moon/Moonbeams on your Naked Booty
The story of the Leader and Founder of the Church of the Blue Moon.  Abducted as a small boy by the evil Captain of the Polar Cyst (a dark ship of no known flag), The Exulted One was tossed in the bilge where he subsisted on a diet of under-cooked rat, heated on a five watt lightbulb.
You also learn how The Lone Camel of the Desert becomes Pillar of the Church (never trust a camel)

 قصة زعيم ومؤسس الكنيسة من القمر الأزرق. كما خطف صبي صغير من الكابتن شر الكيس القطبية (سفينة الظلام لا علم معروف)، ومغتبط واحد وقذف في الآسن حيث يعيشون على وجبة من دون طهي الفئران، ساخنة على المصباح خمسة واط.

عليك أيضا معرفة كيف الهجن لون الصحراء يصبح دعامة للكنيسة (الثقة أبدا الجمل)

Bir qərib, dost olmaq etməyin. Amerika bizə bax gel. , Ev yemek ve bu cute girls bəzi bəzi gətirin. Xeyir-dua.

The Montecito Cheese Rat (the favored pet of the millionaires and billionares of Montecito, California. If you see a rat wearing a yellow diamond choker, it is a Cheese Rat.
Montecito Сыр Крысы (выступает любимец миллионеров и billionares из Монтесито, Калифорния. Если вы видите крысы носить желтый алмаз колье, это сыр Крысы.
Line to Intercepted Video Transmissions, a video net TV series located on youtube. You can also go directly to the youtube channel which is: farrellhamann (same as on twitter) Also art tours, castles, famous mosaic eggs, a chateau, marble toys, sculpture, and cute cats and pug dog Mia (Mugsie in the videos) 
Линия для перехваченного Видео Передачи, видео чистая телесериала расположен на YouTube. Вы также можете перейти непосредственно к YouTube канал, который является: farrellhamann (такой же как на Twitter) и искусство туры, замки, знаменитые мозаики яйца, замок, мрамор игрушки, скульптуры, и милые кошки и мопса Mia (Mugsie в видео)

Avatar of the Exulted One (formerly Old Butthairs)  AKA (also known as) Basel/Elmer in the net TV Series: Intercepted Video Transmissions, Source Unknown.  Also known as Bo Dogly, the blues singer and drum beater.  Farrell Hamann, artist, writer, explorer, lover, poet, dock rat.
Аватар ликовал Один (ранее Старый Butthairs) AKA (также известный как) Базель / Элмер в сети серии TV: перехваченного Передачи Видео, источник неизвестен. Также известный как Бо Dogly, блюз певица и барабан колотушки. Фаррелл Hamann, художник, писатель, исследователь, любовник, поэт, док крысы.
Avatar de l'Un exultait (anciennement Old Butthairs) AKA (également connu sous le nom) de Bâle / Elmer dans la série TV net: Interception de transmissions vidéo, Source inconnue. Aussi appelé Bo Dogly, le chanteur de blues et le tambour batteur. Farrell Hamann, artiste, écrivain, explorateur, amant, poète, rat quai.
Avatar des frohlockte One (ehemals Old Butthairs) AKA (also known as) Basel / Elmer in der Netto-TV-Serie: Intercepted Videoübertragungen, Quelle unbekannt. Auch Bo Dogly bekannt, der Blues-Sänger und Drum Schlegel. Farrell Hamann, Künstler, Schriftsteller, Forscher, Liebhaber, Dichter, Dock-Ratte.
Avatar de la Un exultante (antes Antiguo Butthairs) AKA (también conocido como) de Basilea Elmer / en la serie de televisión neto: interceptadas transmisiones de vídeo, origen desconocido. También conocido como Bo Dogly, el cantante de blues y maza. Farrell Hamann, artista, escritor, explorador, amante, poeta, la rata muelle.
Avatar av jublade One (tidigare Gamla Butthairs) AKA (även känd som) Basel / Elmer i nätet TV-serie: Avlyssnade Video Transmissioner, källa okänd. Även känd som Bo Dogly, blues sångare och trumma visp. Farrell Hamann, konstnär, författare, utforskare, älskare, poet, docka råtta.
Avatar di Colui esultava (ex Vecchia Butthairs) alias (noto anche come) Basilea / Elmer nella serie NET TV: Intercettato trasmissioni video, fonte sconosciuta. Conosciuto anche come Bo Dogly, la cantante blues e tamburo battente. Farrell Hamann, artista, scrittore, esploratore, amante, poeta, ratto dock.

الصورة الرمزية واحد من مغتبط (سابقا Butthairs قديم) ويعرف أيضا باسم (المعروف أيضا باسم (بازل إلمر / في مسلسل الصافي :المعترضة البث المرئي، مصدر غير معروف. المعروف أيضا باسم Dogly بو، ومغنية البلوز وطبل الخافق. فاريل هامان، الفنان، والكاتب، وإكسبلورر، عاشق، شاعر، الجرذ قفص الاتهام .
Avatar í Exulted One (áður Old Butthairs) AKA (einnig þekkt sem) Basel / Elmer í net TV Series: flogið Video Transmissions, Source Unknown. Einnig þekktur sem Bo Dogly, blús söngvari og tromma beater. Farrell Hamann, listamaður, rithöfundur, landkönnuður, elskhugi, skáld, Dock rotta.
Avatar van de jubelde One (voorheen Oude Butthairs) AKA (ook bekend als) Basel / Elmer in de netto TV Series: Onderschepte Video Transmissions, bron onbekend. Ook bekend als Bo Dogly, de blues zanger en drum klopper. Farrell Hamann, kunstenaar, schrijver, ontdekkingsreiziger, minnaar, dichter, dock rat.
Аватар тріумфував Один (раніше Старий Butthairs) AKA (також відомий як) Базель / Елмер в мережі серії TV: перехопленого Передачі Відео, джерело невідоме. Також відомий як Бо Dogly, блюз співачка і барабан калатала. Фаррелл Hamann, художник, письменник, дослідник, коханець, поет, док щури.

Avatar dari Satu Exulted (sebelumnya Old Butthairs) AKA (juga dikenal sebagai) Basel / Elmer di Seri TV bersih: dicegat Video Transmisi, Source Unknown. Juga dikenal sebagai Bo Dogly, penyanyi blues dan drum pemukul. Farrell Hamann, seniman, penulis, penjelajah, kekasih, penyair, tikus dermaga.
Avatar dari Satu Exulted (sebelumnya Old Butthairs) AKA (juga dikenali sebagai) Basel / Elmer di Seri TV bersih: dicegat Video Transmisi, Source Unknown. Juga dikenali sebagai Bo Dogly, penyanyi blues dan drum pemukul. Farrell Hamann, seniman, penulis, peneroka, kekasih, penyair, tikus dermaga.
Сваи, стеки, и кучи щебня, только обломки, вот и все, больше ничего. Не фантазии европейских щебень, просто скромный американский щебень

Schutt, demütig Haufen, Stapel und Haufen von Schutt.

Rubble: piles, piles, et des tas de décombres. Très belle, comme une belle femme (enfin, pas vraiment) n haricots magiques cachés sous ces amas de décombres. C'est là que l'internet se termine. Haha

Detriti: pile, pile, e cumuli di macerie di tutti i giorni. Questo è dove finisce internet. Macerie. Questi cumuli sono luoghi sacri per la Chiesa della Luna Blu / Moonbeams sul tuo Naked Butt. The One esultava ha parlato (ex Vecchia peli Ass)

Gruz, po prostu, pokorny, gruzu. Stacks, pale, stosy gruzu.

أنقاض، وأكوام، مداخن، وأكوام من الانقاض. أنقاض يست نزوة كما هو الحال في أوروبا أو الشرق الأوسط أو مصر، أو المكسيك.

puin. hopen, stapels en stapels nederige puin. Niets sexy hier, net puin. Maakt goed vullen, haha. De jubelde een (voorheen Oude Butt haren) zegent jou.


Đống đổ nát, đồng bằng đống đổ nát. Không có gì lạ mắt ở đây. Cọc cừ, đống, đống gạch vụn. Không có phép thuật đậu ở đây. Trang web này nơi mà internet kết thúc, cuối dòng, cuối cùng dừng lại. Tôi chắc chắn rằng bạn tự hỏi nơi mà đã kết thúc. Vâng, ở đây bạn đang có. Chúc mừng và may mắn.

Щебінь, просто, старі руїни. Купи, стеки, купи уламків. Ні чарівні боби тут, люди. Не фантазії щебеню, як у Єгипті чи Мексиці, або Греції, просто повсякденному типу. Кращі побажання. До речі, це місце, де інтернет кінцях. Це кінець дороги, остання зупинка. Сперечаємося, ти завжди задавався питанням, де він закінчується. Дякуємо за Ваш візит.

Rubble, hrúga, hrúgur, stafla af sameiginlegum rubble. Engin pott af gulli eða galdra baunir, bara rústir. Gangi þér vel og njóttu heimsókn og enda á internetinu. Endir af the vegur, síðastur stöðva. Takk fyrir heimsóknina. (ég var á Íslandi einu sinni, elskaði hana ... smjörið er mjög bragðgóður, flaug þar á gamlan "Connie" The Exulted One (áður Old Butt hárlakk) Sjá YouTube rás minn: farrellhamann

Moloz, doar moloz simplu. Grămezi, stive, şi piloţi. Nu sunt ei minunat ca o femeie frumoasa? (bine, poate nu) vă binecuvânteze!

मलबे, सिर्फ सादा मलबे. बवासीर, पोट, मलबे के ढेर. कोई जादू यहाँ या छिपा हुआ सोना सेम. जीते रहो! आप इंटरनेट के अंत तक पहुँच चुके हैं. पिछले बंद, सड़क का अंत.
Ερείπια. Σωρούς, στοίβες, σωροί, από μπάζα. Δεν μαγικά φασόλια ή τα δοχεία από χρυσό ή ασήμι. Απλά μπάζα. Ταπεινός
Escombros, entulho antigo simples e quotidiana. Pilhas, pilhas e pilhas de entulho. Não feijões mágicos ou potes de ouro ou prata. Escombros. Aproveite a sua visita e obrigado pela sua visita. Meus vídeos no meu canal do youtube: farrellhamann @ farrellhamann no Twitter.

Schaktmassor, vanliga gamla pålar, stackar och högar av bråte. Inga magiska bönor eller krukor av guld eller silver. Bara härliga högar med bråte. Tack för ditt besök. Tipsa en vän. Faktum är att skicka dem här om de dig på nerverna, haha! Youtube: farrellhamann
Puing-puing, bukan kacang ajaib atau pot dari emas atau perak, hanya puing-puing. Tumpukan, tumpukan,dan tumpukan. Cinta puing-puing. Memberkati Anda!

Mga durog na bato, lamang payak, araw araw, mga durog na bato. Walang magic beans o mga palayok ng ginto o pilak. Mga durog na bato. Tambak, stack, at tambak ng mga durog na bato. Pagpalain kayo at salamat sa iyong pagbisita. My youtube: farrellhamann

Moloz. Yığınları, yığınlar, ve ortak moloz yığınları. Altın veya gümüş veya sihirli fasulye yok kaplar. Sadece moloz. Korusun! Ziyaretiniz için teşekkür ederiz. Benim youtube: farrellhamann

Rrënoja, vetëm rrënoja të thjeshtë. Shtyllave, grumbujt, dhe kollonat e rrënojave.

Rwbel, rwbel hen plaen. Heaps, teisi, pentyrrau o rwbel. Dim potiau o aur neu arian neu ffa hud, dim ond rwbel hyfryd. Efallai y casgliad gorau o rwbel neo-glasurol ar y we

youtube channel: farrellhamann  Fine art, comedy, cute cats and pug dog, castles, and marble toys, huge glowing spheres.  Located in Sacramento, California.

If your are interested in my $1,000,000 art collection, let me know.
"Unique collection" the J. Paul Getty Museum
Если заинтересованы в моих $ 1.000.000 коллекцию произведений искусства, дайте мне знать.

"Уникальная коллекция" J. Paul Getty Museum

59 Edsel
(I drive Creampuff the Jaguar but thought you might like this 59 Edsel)
(я езжу Creampuff Jaguar, но подумал, что Вас, как это 59 Эдсел)
Boo Hoo Hoo on you you you!! 
Kind of more of the same
 What Is Wabi-Sabi? -

Our hibiscus 
Thistle flower blossom in Sacramento
आप खुश रहो और हवा में वापस अपने स्वयं के नहीं किया जा सकता है. आशीर्वाद
528 HZ "DNA Repair" via youtube (no music)
528 Hz "DNA Reparatur" (keine Musik) Via youtube nur für Effekt hören
528 HZ son, pas de musique "réparation de l'ADN" via youtube. Il suffit d'écouter pour l'effet.
528 HZの音がない音楽"DNA修復"だけ聞くビアこちら
 58 HZ suara, tidak ada muzik "DNA Repair" Dengar saja, melalui youtube
528 Гц звука, ни музыки "репарации ДНК" Просто слушай
528 HZ ljud "DNA-reparation" ingen musik ... bara lyssna, via YouTube
을 통해 YouTube 528 Hz에서 소리 "DNA를 복구"배경 음악도없고, 내 말 좀 들어봐
528 som HZ "Reparo do DNA" via youtube, apenas ouça
528 sonido HZ "Reparación del ADN" sólo escucha, a través de YouTube
528 हर्ट्ज यूट्यूब के माध्यम से "मरम्मत डीएनए", बस सुनो
528 HZ "DNA Repair" chỉ cần lắng nghe, thông qua youtube
528 Hz "DNA Repair" melalui youtube, hanya mendengarkan
 Youtube üzerinden 528 Hz "DNA tamir", sadece dinlerim
528  هرتز "وإصلاح الحمض النووي" عبر يوتيوب، مجرد الاستماع لعدم وجود الموسيقى
528 HZ "επιδιόρθωση του DNA» ήχο, μέσω του youtube, απλά ακούστε
 Orchids in Sacramento
Орхидеи в Сакраменто, штат Калифорния

The Mysterious IKHAMELEON GIRL (find her youtube channel
AKA (also known as: the "Camo" girl (camouflage) on my video channel: farrellhamann
Таинственный IKHAMELEON GIRL (найти ее канал

AKA (также известен как: "Камо" девушка (камуфляж), на мой видеоканал: farrellhamann

Le mystérieux IKHAMELEON GIRL (trouver sa chaîne sur YouTube
AKA (également connu sous le nom: le "Camo" fille (camouflage) sur ma chaîne vidéo: farrellhamann

Video art tour artist Farrell Hamann

Фарел Hamann, американски художник, писател, изследовател, и най-добрият приятел на български език.
Bir qərib, dost olmaq etməyin. Amerika bizə bax gel. , Ev yemek ve bu cute girls bəzi bəzi gətirin. Xeyir-dua.

Check out my profile!

 Celtic Cross

California poppies and blackberry flowers. Found growing in the American River Parkway, Sacramento, California, USA  Taken April 3, 2011 on a lovely cloudless day.

Trunk and bark of a cork oak tree found along the American River Parkway, Sacramento, California, USA One of the best bicycle trails in the United States.

Prayer Requests: Universal Life Church/Modesto, California

Staring at my collection of porphyry stones (yes, philosopher of same name) oddly relaxing. Old famous P mine lost about 500 years 

Emerging artist/writer (larva) Farrell Hamann

Note: I'm going to start selling my flat marble toy spiral via the net very soon (hand held for kids older that 4 1/2 due to choking hazard) Don't have any made up yet but will soon. Each one will be different. Don't have pay pal so you'll have to pay by money order or silver, perhaps personal check until and if I get Paypal. Have some other ideas in the works for gifts and what nots. I'm thinking I need an inexpensive line of art and that's what's motivating me.  These toys would make great Christmas or birthday gifts or just to have around as sculpture.

Below: Latex mold for making spiral marble toys, I've made a number of these and they are great toys and help with hand eye. The finished marble spiral will be approximately 12 1/2 inches across. For Price, I thinking $32 shipped in USA or $55 for two. You can always arrange to pick up in person in Sacramento and see my huge art collection (giant spheres, obelisks, castles, chateau, paintings, wall hangings, large marble toys)

Latex rubber mold for making spiral marble toy

Send the artist $1.00 and you can use any image on this site (except commercially)Send your dollar to:
Farrell Hamann 
1237 Dealynn St. #4
Sacramento, CA 95825

I decided to accept writing assignments. Contact me and let me know what your needs are.

Phone in Sacramento, CA: 916-641-7696

Farrell Hamann Fine Art Collection: $2,000,000 USD firm
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